Online Marketing Basics

Online marketing is nothing but marketing products or services through the internet medium. There are many advantages of using online marketing for your business. This particular form of marketing is cost effective, flexible, long-term, convenient, interactive and immediate. It can also improves your business Return on Investment (ROI), customer relationship, provides access to Global markets, demographic targeting and so on. But if you would like to reap these benefits, you should well acquainted with the basics of internet marketing and the strategies involved in it.

Basics of online marketing:

To be a successful internet marketer, you should know the nuances of online marketing strategies. Listed below are few of those strategies that could help you generate good income online.

Web Design

It all begins with a website. An effectively designed website is the first step in internet marketing for your online business. When you've got an old website or one that is not designed in a professional way, then you are presenting a very poor image of your business among your website visitors. Regardless of how big or small your company is, your website creates the first impression about your business. Therefore, ensure that your website is properly designed in order to give the right signs among the customers. It should be appealing to the visitors yet informative.


Search engine optimization and search engine marketing can be the most affordable solutions for an online business to boost its online presence. By ranking your website on the very first page of search engine results, you are tapping a huge number of people looking for what exactly you offer. SEO is often a medium to long-term online marketing strategy.


Pay per click (PPC) promotion includes purchasing advertising slots on search engines, social networking sites, and/or third party sites to achieve prompt traffic. PPC advertising is a short-term online marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

An excellent website only converts about 30% of its targeted traffic into potential prospects, the rest simply go away forever and do not return, until you capture their e-mails and keep in touch with them. E-mail marketing and newsletters is a fantastic strategy to increase conversions and connect with all of your current clients for repeat business.

Social Media

Keeping in touch with present clients and earning new ones via social media websites is essential for many businesses. It is important to have a strong presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and other social media sites to pull in more and more customers. Millions of people login these social media sites every day, thus placing ads on these sites will boost your sales.

Article marketing

Article marketing is another free technique to get targeted traffic to your business. It is actually about writing and submitting articles to article directory sites. When you do that, your content articles will be listed in the search engine result. You could leave a web link in the articles to your company website.

These internet marketing strategies are cost-effective yet efficient. When you utilize them properly, they can drive in huge targeted traffic to your website. Why wait? Take advantage of the above mentioned online marketing tips and take your business to the next phase of success.